PSN account suspended for hate speech or other hateful content


New member
Oct 9, 2022

My PSN account was recently suspended. The email regarding this unjust action stated that I was banned for the following:

"Hate speech or other hateful content including racism, sexism, xenophobia, or hate directed at religious beliefs, cultural identity, gender identity, or sexual orientation."

This is simply not true, and is borderline defamation of character. I haven't sent any messages, and to accuse my of any of the above is absolutely untrue, as it never happened. These are baseless accusations made my sony support, and as a loyal and paying customer, I am shocked and very upset that they would do this to me, for whatever reason they may have. I have no idea why they would accuse me of such disgusting actions.

Any advice on getting this ban overturned, or any ways in which I can take action against sony would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!