PS5's, PSN and Content Sharing Question


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Jan 6, 2024
Greetings all,

Since I just got through dealing with the soul sucking experience of trying to communicate effectively with PS support in the United States, I thought I would try this. I'm about to scream, mostly because it is making me feel like I flushed money down the drain because I can't get my devices to work correctly. Spent two plus hours yesterday on live chat only to have it disconnected twice and no resolution of my problem.

This is both a PSN question and a PS5 question. For years my family only had one PS system (PS4) in the house, and all the permissions and management of the family accounts worked easily with one device. I am the family manager and I have two children on my account. I know that PS Plus is notoriously difficult to use with children's account and such and we up until recently haven't had problems.

We now have two PS5's, and I deactivated or at least removed the PS4 as being the Primary and established one of the PS5's as my primary account and engaged in console sharing to allow the other PS5 to share in the PS premium account that I have.

The problem is that after having the console disconnected (had to move things around) on the second PS5, that PS5 doesn't seem to have any access to my cloud account or to any of the saved data that was in cloud anymore. Worked for three or four full days and now it doesn't. For example my child (a teenager) had access to Last of Us II (which she purchased from the store) and all of her Sims 4 expansion packs that she purchased (also in the cloud), and neither are available to access (locked in the case of the Last of Us) or download on her PS5 (Sims 4 expansion packs).

Here are all the steps and processes I have taken..

PS5#1: Set up as primary account for me, has total functionality and access to all of the my cloud and PSN purcahses. Is set up for console sharing. I have restored licenses, and done all that stuff.
PS5#2: Set up as my daughters PS5, but is not a primary console for her. Console sharing is not set up. When I login on the second PS5, I have full access to my account and the cloud, but when my daughter does she doesn't.

If she logged onto the primary PS5 she'd have access to all purchases and uploaded game saves in the cloud. She doesn't and when I log into and download from the cloud on her device, she can't seem to see them in her account now.

I understand that PSN has some really wonky settings, permission limitations, and so forth, but this is super frustrating because talking to people that it was possible to share account permissions and access across two PS5's as long as I had play station premium access. That is not working out to be the case at the moment and no matter where I look or who I talk to, they can't explain to me why the second PS5 and my daughters PSN account has limited to no access to the cloud to continue to play games that she has had access to.

So if there is a work around or a fix, I would love to hear it because PS experts and Live chat hasn't been of any help to me at this point. The most help I have got is by using google Bard.

Thanks in advance.
Did the console work before moving it? If yes have you check to see if it is still connected to the WiFi & that the signal & speed if good?
Yes it did. Connected and my daughter was able to play and have access. Now she has internet access, wifi speed is great but has lost permissions for some reason. I don't feel like it is truly hardware, but something in settings has changed (could be on hers or the primary PS5 on the account too), but I feel like I have literally done everything that I can find on the internet to ensure the system is set up as it should be to ensure content sharing and gameplay from the other PS5 to her console.
To double check: Is she using her own primary account or a secondary account connected to yours?
Are those games showing any lock symbol?
Have you tried the Restore Licences option under Settings>Users & Accounts>Other>
Her account.

Maybe I misunderstood how it was supposed to work, but I thought because she was a family member in my group she'd have account privileges on her PS5 including access to PSN, the cloud and such.

Initially, I there were no locks on her account (including Last of Us II) but there now is.

When I do the license restore, do I do it on my main account on the other PS5? Or is it on her account? If it is her account, I've done that (recently as yesterday). As well as my own. Is there an order this should go in? Is there any benefit shutting both systems down and going through a step-by-step main PS5 and then secondary console restore?
I would think doing the license restore on your PS5 first then on the PS4 would be the right order.
I‘d expect both consoles need to be online at the time.