PS5 Ps5 +Vr3 + Logitech G Pro Wheel/Pedals


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Sep 30, 2022
For those racers that own a VR3 and are looking to purchase the Logitech G Pro Wheel/Pedals, I would like to inform you that the wheel and pedals does fit the VisionRacer3 (VR3) with some EXCEPTIONS. I'm in the middle of assembling everything now, so I'll add more to this thread shortly.

Pictures uploaded here:

- G Pro wheel mounts to the VR3 successfully with the two screws on the bottom back of the wheel base.
- G Pro pedals fit successfully within the foot pedal area of the VR3.

- On the bottom of the G Pro wheel base, there're 2 holes in the back and 1 hole at the front for screws. The VR3 only has 2 holes which align exactly with the G PRO wheel base. Since there is no hole in the front, you'll need to attach the clamp that's provided in the box. However, the clamp cannot screw in all the way since the VR3 center pole and mount plate, only provide a narrow opening too small for the clamp to pass (2 inches deep). My workaround, even thought not elegant, I put two of my kids square blocks that are flat and dense on all sides in that 2 inch area and tightened the clamp on it solid. It worked like a charm. The wheel base doesn't move even when purposely trying to turn it. Nobody will notice the blocks since it's only visible from underneath the wheel base.
- The VR3 provides three holes on the pedal mount area. However, those holes do not align with the area given by the Logitech G Pro pedals. Unfortunately, you will need to drill 3 new holes to accommodate Logitech's screw mount area. Personally, I'm going to drill 4 holes (2 top area, 2 bottom area) to fasten this pedal down, even though the G29 pedals where perfect with 3 screws.

I'll provide further updates, after I drill those holes, connect all the wires, and launch GT7 and test out the wheel/pedals and True Force options.

My thoughts:
- I'm super excited that this Logitech G Pro Wheel and Pedals fits this 2009 VR3 racing seat with minimal adjustments. This is my first attempt at a Direct Drive wheel but I wanted a solution that would fit the VR3 as this seat is simply amazing and looks so cool in chrome. I look forward to all the accessories that get released down the line for this wheel. I'm curious to try out the TrueForce rumble feature since the G29 didn't have that feature. If its any where near the ps5 controller rumble system, then that would make for an awesome experience.

NOTE: I guess we can't upload pictures to these threads like we used to do back in the day.
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