Ps5 turns on for 1 sec then turns off


New member
Feb 21, 2024
Hello everyone,
I'm having an issue turning on my ps5. The previous day, it was working fine with no issues. The next day, when I tried to turn it on.. it turns on for 1 sec, beeps, blue light on, then turns off. I have tried everything Sony suggests and other websites with no success, I'll list them below.
1. Tried turning it on in different ways, controller and ps5. Long presses do nothing extra, and it's impossible to go into safe mode.
2. Changed the cable, and tried a different outlets
2. Disassembled it and cleaned it
3. Changed the power supply

I'm getting very desperate, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I also have this issue I switched to another outlet and my system stays on until I try to start a game then it turns off when I restart it I get 2 messages 1. System repair and 2. Power wasn't turned off correctly. My system was fine and then the next morning I tried turning it on and it didn't want to start I unplugged and plugged the power cord back in and it work I was able to play but then it started shutting off mid games, now like I said above I cant start a game without it shutting down completely.
Update mine works now I bought another power supply and it's perfectly fine now