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May 11, 2021
Whenever i play resident evil 8 village, I'll get about 20 to 30 min.of gameplay then my ps5 will completely turn off., to the point that i have to unplug my console and plug it back in for it to turn back on. Whats strange is it only does it when I play that game. No problem with any other games. I downloaded it from the ps store so there's no disc.. I've already tried deleting it and reinstalling it, that doesn't seem to work . So I don't have a clue what it could be.
Would love to hear anyone's idea or solution . Help please. Ty.
Do you notice any lagging or jittery type movements in gameplay especially if you are playing on a 4K tv with the hdr settings high. If you are laying on a high quality TV set try to set your settings down a bit to meet the game standards. I.e., just for that game turn off hdr or turn down the rdna or and make sure your system isn’t trying to upscale the game to ps5/4K standards.
just for thought and u probably know, not all 4K TVs are the same because some have hdr 1 and some have hdr 2 and 2.1 maybe 2.2 now. Plus making sure the hdmi cable is put in the tv port designated for high speed hdr hdmi cables.
Really hope this helps because it could be any number of these issues since all ur other games are working without shutting down. And really look into the latter if you do not have any lagging or wacky scenery right before shut down or lockdown.
Good luck friend!
There's no lagging or anything like that but what I was thinking was , is it possible that the game is processor intensive ,which would overheat resulting in it shutting down..
Just a theory. Let me know.ty
Have also heard that theory and it suits well. I am a professional pc builder and have reversed almost every console from 1st Nintendo to psp to Wii’s to Xbox’s to ps1 all the way to the e cards on ps3 along with installing Linux on the 20gb Japanese versions and mgs 40gb ps3 systems to play miscrosoft games thru other os introductions. I can only give my opinion and I sincerely believe the ps5 has the best cooling system out of the gate that PlayStation has put out since ps1.
have made sure your using the high speed hdr port on your tv? Also check to see which hdr your tv does and set your console accordingly. If your tv had hdr with no designation or hdr 1 or 2 then try one of your older hdmi cords or get a high speed cord. If your tv does have hdr 2.1 then it is probably only one port that has that option so check the tv manual for that port and use it with appropriate cable and then go to settings and under hdr settings they should be highlighted so you can change to the appropriate hdr. If your tv has hdr and u feel u r in the right port then go to settings and see if the hdr part of settings is highlighted. If not then the tv might not have the ps5 type hdr. Happened to me and I was so frustrated because I bought a 4K hdr specifically for ps5 bu it took me days before I realized ps5 is hdr 2.1 or higher. The only tv I think that is ps5 ready is the new Sony Bravias!$$$! Lol!
You are correct when saying the graphics are bearing down on the ps5 and shutting the machine down but it is more to do with not destroying your tv than your console. Try the game on 1440 or my choice just 1080p with no special settings and see if that gets u thru that stage.
As you well know ps5 owners are far and few between due to scalpers, processor shortages, Chinese trading, etc... but those of us lucky enough to have one need to buy a tv that compliments our system or even exceeds it. Let me know if any of those fixes help!
Just food for thought, I am running my system on a Sony Bravia with a 30ft high speed hdmi cable and have no problem with the intensity. Only problem is the freakin pc cheaters exploiting past my crossplay being disabled! But remember that a 30 foot cord increases feedback nearly 100% for every 10 feet! My console was one of the first runs but I think everyone out is part of the first runs! Save it at all cost cause it will be a treasure in 20 years!
Just discovered my TV is a dinosaur it doesn't have hdr capability now my next move is to retry it on 1440 and 1080.thank you very much ,you've been more helpful than ps support themselves. Really appreciate you taking your time to help me . You're welcome here anytime. Send me a friends request , that is if you like. Mine is Hewittkreatures . I'm a 51 year old gamer that's been gaming since pong ,then atari, intellavision, commodore , coleco , Nintendo, Sega,
My name is Kevin and again ty very much
I really hope that helps! I had a 4K dinosaur! Idk how that happened but way before ps5 specs came out! Had to get the Bravia to really get the consoles full use. I’m telling you it is so worth it especially since you like the darker games like that! By darker I just mean background darkness and deep blues greys, very deep black that are layered... when you get the right one you will be stunned at what this system can really do! Lol! I was blown away!
I’m josh and same to you, I will friend you and we can keep in touch cause it sounds like we are kindred gamers in the same era! Us old guys gotta figure this out together with actual complete sentences and not that much abbreviations for term or acronyms! Lmao! I’m glad you looked into your set! Let me know how it turns out.

im tigerfurlife39
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