PS5 ps5 profile, games section, played recently not working correctly


New member
Aug 28, 2021
hello! for a few weeks now, I encountered a small problem with my ps5, I mean I think the problem might not come from my playstation since my brother has the same issue with his ps5, you know, when you go to the ps5 profile, there is a section about trophies, games, friends,... the problem is in my game list section, when you launch a game, the game goes on the top of the list, right? for me, it doesnt! for example, I just launched dead by daylight and when I go check on the list, it says the game was last launched 16hours ago, even if the game is live! i asked my brother and he told me he has the same issue with his ps5! of course some people might not understand why is it such a big deal, I have ocd and even tho it's not a important issue, i just wanna fix it, anyone else who noticed the same thing on their ps5?