PS5 PS5 losing wifi signal every 5-10 minutes?


New member
Dec 16, 2021
Hello friendos

I have a really annoying problem with my ps5 when playing online. Sometimes it will lose the wifi connection for a brief moment when playing an online game and obviously force ne out of the game and log me out of PSN. Sometimes it reconnects itself before I can do anything and sometimes it says that the security method for the wifi might be invaid or some bs like that. It has been working on this network config. for the longest time and it has only happened on the latest system software patch. I usually delete the network and turn off my router for 20 minutes before trying again but even that method isn´t completely bulletproof. Do you guys exoerience the same problem and do you guys found a permament solution or will I just have to wait for the next system software update to hopefully fix this bug?