PS5 Controller Issue .. weird !


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Oct 27, 2023

I am having a very strange problem with my controller. It is just the right stick. It is not drift, and it doesn't feel like lag. I have had lag issues in the past when I had a slow connection, this is different.

Its like when you move the stick it is slow and then when it catches up it over shoots where I am trying to look ? I upped the 'look sensitivity' and it just makes it worse, the reticle just flying around faster and overshooting further. Its sort of like in VR, after a while if I try to pesist I feel like a motion sickness. Its impossible to aim. As I said it is hard to describe ..

I have tried:

• Resetting the controller
• Factory reset my PST
• Tried 2 other controllers, same problem
• Tried by connecting via USB wired.
• Connected to another WIFI network
• Tried other games on PS5 .. same problem

None of those things made any difference. However, I connected the same controller to D2 via Steam on my laptop ... all worked fine !!

I am out of options .......

Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution ? Thanks in advance ........

Update: I connected my console to my computer monitor, and the problem disappeared, so it appears that my TV is the problem ! It is a middle range SONY panel with fast refresh rate that has been great for gaming since I purchased it !

So I am stumped, I reset the gaming profile on the TV also, no fix !
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