PS5 PS5 Connection issues please help:/ ASAP


New member
Aug 16, 2023
Hello, I’ve had my Ps5 for over a year now and jus recently over the past 4-5 months this issue has gotten worse… every time I’m gaming or jus watching videos etc my connection just shuts down. At first I thought it was just the WiFi, so I kept restarting the box and unplugging the console and re plugging it back in for months but the issue jus got worse… now all the other devices in the house work
Perfectly fine on the WiFi even when multiple devices are streaming so I have come to find out maybe it’s just my console… I have no idea what to do next and it’s really frustrating.

I was hoping to get some insight on here before I go and take it into a shop and spend hundreds of money that I don’t have to get my baby fixed.