PS5 PS5 beeps 3 times, no lights on, can't get the game out


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Apr 21, 2023
Not sure I am in the right place but someone may be able to help. So I have a ps5 which was purchased in July 2021 but wasn't started using until the christmas 2021 as it was a Christmas present for son. So he has had it just over a year. A couple of weeks ago it broke. We couldn't get it to do anything. Just beeps 3 times, no lights on, can't get the game out. Tried to speak to playstation who say I can send it back for an upfront cost of £250 if they can't fix it, which I don't think they will be able to as I have asked around, sounds like the playstayion is dead. They will send me a refurbished playsation, so second I have paid £750 for a secondhand playstation? I have tries to argue my case that's is only been used little over a year etc but they are not having any of it? Any suggestions on what to do next.
First there’s a little hole underneath the disk drive which is a manual release, try inserting something thin into the hole to manually eject the disk.
The simple answer if the beeps sound when you press the button is that you’re hitting the eject button & not the on/off button.
Have you tried unplugging the PS5 & all peripherals then long pressing on the power button (10 seconds) & let go when the blue light flashes to discharge any residual energy then leave it for 30 minutes?
Have you ensured all cables are fully inserted?
Is it beeping without you clicking anything? If you’re pressing a button which button is this?
Can you reach safe mode/recovery mode? Long press on the power button for 7 seconds until you hear 2 beeps, then release the button & use the controller to select safe mode/recovery.
Is the PS5 placed where the ventilation is restricted? It may be overheating if yes.
Thank you. I will try to release the disk. Yes tried all those options from watching YouTube videos. It is doing nothing. The 3 beeps happen as soon as the power is switched back on via the main power switch. Other than those 3 beeps we can't get it to do anything
If you need a visual reference for the release hole then let me know.
If none of the suggestions work then either a replacement from Sony is required or to find a pre-owned one elsewhere but this would be more than £250. At least the Sony replacement should be fully working. The PS5 should certainly last more than 18 months. Have you considered a third party repair store? As you’re in the UK I know Cex do repairs. However if they can’t repair it their pre-owned cost is higher than Sony though.
In order for them to repair for free you’d have to prove that there’s an inherent fault on the PS5 which must’ve been there at the time of purchase. You’d probably have to pay for an examination to discover this though then send Sony the proof. Even then there’s no guarantee they’ll accept it.
Thank you, a visual for the release hole would be helpful please