PS4 PS4 Temp Susension


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Aug 2, 2021
Sorry for the upcoming vent.

My PS4 account was temp suspended for no reason that I can foresee. I did not violate any community guidelines nor have emblems or any other such things on my account. If they could possibly show me EXACTLY what I did I might understand, but they will not even discuss the suspension in anyway. Just give a "general" reply too the reason.

Okay its their TOSS and operating procedures to handle business this way.

It's also my TOSS too handle my finances the way I see fit. I will be canceling all my accounts with Playstation and not returning. I have other ways to spend my time then with a company that handles grievances with a broad brush and the inability to satisfy its customer base that pays their paycheck.
(As soon as the suspension is over because apparently you can not even log into your account on the internet to cancel your subscription)
Some suggestions on why an account may be suspended:
Using a rude/swear word as part of your username.
Flaming another user in chat.
Using a rude/swear word in chat.
Modifying a game to make it easier.
Posting naked photos of yourself/others/game characters.