ps4 software update


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Apr 27, 2024
Hello, i have a ps4 slim and with the latest update the controller wont connect to the console and i cannot access the main screen and procced. I have tried a different sync cable, different controller, the hard disk of the ps4 pro, and tried to format it with the new software via usb but nothing works. I gave it to an authorised service shop and they told me that multiple ps4 slim have the same problem as mine after the recent update. Can you help me?

Is the cable a genuine Sony charge & sync cable, third part authorised cable or a generic cable?
have you used the pinhole reset on the controller?
we used the genuine cable and used the pinhole to reset the controller.
The controller responds when the ps4 is in safe mode, but will not respond when it is on software mode.
Then there may be a problem with the update. If you can find the older update I would see if you can install that via USB.
Have you tried the other USB ports on the back/front of the PS4?
Did you disconnect from the cable before using the pinhole reset & hold the pin in for 5 seconds? If yes to all the it most likely requires service from Sony.
Or try borrowing a DS4 from a friend to test.

Have you considered resetting the PS4?
Sony told me that they dont accept consoles that are out of warranty. Can you please help me to reset my ps4?