PS4 PS4 Slim Running Rather Hot


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Sep 25, 2023
My PS4 has always ran rather hot. This couldn've also possibly happened after some time, but I always remember my PS4 slim doing this outta the box. I found it strange, because my PS3 Slim does not deal with this issue whatsoever, and not only does my PS3 not deal with the extra heat issue, but my PS4 Slim model is a newer revision, so by now I would think Sony and whoever is making the CPU and GPU with Sony would have this figured out by now, but I guess not.

My PS4 was manufactured in June of 2018. I got it for Christmas of that year brand new. I still own the box and I take well care of my PS4. The model is CUH-2215A. I keep it well ventilated and I in no way restrict or bottleneck the air flow. I keep it horizontally since I do not own a vertical stand.

My guess is that something is wrong with the PSU and that I might need to get a new one. If that is the case then was is a good version of the PS4 Slim's power supply? Maybe I just need new thermal paste or maybe my PS4 needs a good cleaning? Or is this normal for the PS4 Slim and just runs this hot and nothing is wrong with it? I have never broken the seal on my PS4, so it has never been opened. I rarely let it get dusty, too.

If anyone is familiar with a CUH-2215A that was manufactured in 2018, if you have similar stories to mines then I would like to hear yours. I want to get to the bottle of this and figure it out and see if there is more at play here or just a me issue. I seek closure.
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It's quite an intriguing puzzle you've got there with your PS4 Slim, especially considering your meticulous care for it. The heat issue is indeed a concern, but there could be various factors at play, from thermal paste to the power supply. Your curiosity and dedication to resolving this matter are commendable. I hope fellow gamers with similar experiences can chime in to help you find that much-needed closure. Happy gaming! 🎮🔍
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