PS4 PS4 shot or simple fix???


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Jul 21, 2023
I've had my Playstation 4 pretty much forever (well before the Slim was a thing) and it was brand new when I got it.

A few years ago I started having issues with spitting discs out for no reason or beeping randomly until you turned it off. For a long time I wasn't using it as I was having medical issues that prevented me from playing console games anymore.

I recently moved and am just using my PS4 as a streaming service device. The old issues haven't surfaced since (puzzling, but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth).

Currently I'm having issues with it drop connectivity to both my controllers and my media remote all of which are all OEM and the media remote is less than a few months old.

When I say connectivity issues I mean when I wake the PS4 out of sleep mode it shows the battery life on screen of my media remote as well as a controller but yet doesnt respond when I push buttons on either device. This can happen at any time. I'll try everything I can think of: plugging the controller directly to the PS4, going in to settings and unpairing/repairing the media remote, powering down the PS4 completely, restarting it...

Nothing seems to be the answer because all of these things I've tried, have and have not worked randomly. Please help. It's not worth it to me to replace the PS4 because I cant play console games anymore (no longer am able to hold a controller) but I still want it as a media device.

Does anyone have a clue why its doing this?