PS4 PS4 region account problems with buying DLC


New member
Jul 8, 2023
So i have my main ps4 account on an eu reigion as thats where im from but recently moved and discovered the struggle of having to make a whole new account just to use my debit card. But basically, i bought mortal kombat XL pack dlc for my Canadian account and i have tried everything i could to get the dlc off of “waiting to install”. Nothing works so far, but when i still have the same issue on mu eu region account that I originally bought the game on. Is the problem because i bought the dlc on the NA account or what? Just here looking for straightforward answer if i can use my dlc or would i have to buy the dlc on my eu account or buy the game on my canadian account?
DLC and the original game usually go together. If you bought the original game with a European account, then it's unlikely that you can buy DLC for that game with a North American account.

Honestly, if you have bought a lot of content in the European account, it would probably be best to continue using that account in Canada. There are ways around the debit card issue.