PS4 Pro not connecting to the internet please help


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Apr 1, 2022
I've just swapped by broadband provider from Sky to BT and my PS4 Pro won't connect to the internet. I've tried wifi and power over ethernet. If I try wifi it just says internet connection failed, if I try power over ethernet it says can't connect to DNS server in time.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix this please, do I need to open up special ports on the router or something?

Edit: Ignore it's just started working

Edit 2 : It's broke again so I do still need help please
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Have you changed the SSID & passcode on the PS4 to that of the new router?
Also restart the router & the PS4.
Yes I've tried that thanks, I've tried wifi and power over ethernet. I'm thinking I need to do port forwarding but the BT Smart Hub 2 has both internal and external port settings which I've not come across before, normally there's just one port setting.
I've tried port forwarding now, still having no joy. However, I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right as it requires the port for both internal and external and put the same settings in each.

Haivng a mare in general now though. My smart TV keeps disconnecting and so does Sky Q, sometimes when I check internet speeds it's down at 0.49mb/s. I'm hoping it's just teething problems whilst they get the line stabilised.
Hopefully that’s the cause.
Remember you should have a 30 day cooling off period with BT, if the broadband doesn’t settle within a few weeks then you could consider this.
Thanks, I thought it was 14 days but if it's not right within a week or so I'll be conisdering a return.
Maybe different suppliers have different terms re cooling off period, I’d double check with BT. In any case it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days for the line to settle.
With Sky BB the Q box connects at 5Ghz whereas non Sky is only 2.4Ghz.
Thanks, 2.4Ghz should have better (but slower) connection I'd have thought?