PS4 PS4 not connecting to TV - Safe Mode doesn't work


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Dec 6, 2022
As the title says, my PS4 won't connect to my TV no matter what I do. Safe Mode isn't working, the HDMI port looks fine on both ends, multiple HDMI cables haven't worked, etc. My TV reacts like the PS4 is turning on, flickering for a second, before simply going back to it's normal "no signal" screen. This has happened before, and hasn't happened again in the past 12 months. I can't imagine it's a motherboard problem, as the PS4 has been working fine, and all I did was remove the HDMI cable for 2 hours to troubleshoot an Xbox One. The PS4 itself is turning on a bit strangely, but that might be because it's been directly unplugged and turned off over and over for the past day and I have no idea what could be happening on the screen to know if I've gotten an error, an update, nothing, etc. All I know is it essentially turns on twice, and at some point a couple minutes after turning on, it beeps three times. That's all I know without the screen. Am I missing something? Everything seems like it should work, but it doesn't.
try connecting another HDMI apperatus to that same televison HMI port, using the same HDMI cable.
it that works, your television HDMI port is ok and probertly your PS4 has issues. PS4 connector? No idea. PS4 2nd hand sells for not much any longer since it is phasing out now, Sony stopped support for it last year. Slowly it will be replaced by PS5. But still useful to have a PS4 for may years and there are many games released so far. Eventually no new games...