PS4 PS4 (normal version) Will not start


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Jan 27, 2024
Hi all, I know this i probably an old issue. My fan sounded like a jetengine, so I took it a part carefully.
I cleaned it, then I put everything in place again, when trying to connect the power cable to the fan, the pins broke off. I have red somewhere that this is a common issue if you are not carefully enough, like me :-(

Okay thats it is the end , so I mounted another fan (noctua) with external power. When trying to start, it will not start, just the blue light flashing for a few sec, then off.
I have red about this " blue light of death" , some says that they put new thermal paste, wich for me seem totally unlogical. But what do I know. There is no way that the system can detect paste or not paste on the CPU.

Other suggestions please, I will be very happy

An Update, it was a bad HDMI Cable :)
Moderator, could you set this to solved please