PS4 PS4 low connection speed when using LAN? Solved, figured out! My findings:


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Jul 22, 2021
Hello everyone,
No one covered one extremely important aspect: PS4 is very sensitive with cable length.
It was really frustrating to see my PS4 getting always under 100Mbps for internet download speed test (usually 70-95 Mbps and of course, enough for playing, but not close to the real potential when downloading stuff) despite I have a bandwidth of 500Mb and a 1Gb router.
The speed was always OK on my PC even when using the very same LAN cable but not on PS4.
Everything changed when I used a shorter LAN cable and now I get 400-500MBps. This definitely is not happening on PCs, is just about the PS4 network card which is sensitive to the length.
My initial LAN cable had about 7-8m (which is short enough for networking) and the second one is ~3m long and is the cable which finally provides normal speed.
I discovered this when I moved data from one PS4 to a PS4 PRO, and the PS4 PRO was connected with a shorter LAN cable. Initially I thought that the PS4 PRO has a "true" 1Gb port, but that wasn't the case, as the cable length proved to be the real issue. I was also shortening the the first cable, to see if the speed is increasing and it did, I was getting gradually faster speed so I did my best to have the shortest cable connected. Works just fine both on PS4 and PS4 PRO.
Nothing useful found on the internet, just people repeating the same stuff (change DNS, change the router/PS, check with ISP, etc).
That was done with a CAT5 cable, with a CAT6 maybe the length can be bigger (not tested). Anyway, as I said, it's just the PS which is sensitive with that.
So having a PC/laptop at the end of one LAN cable is not the same as having a PS4. For PS4 the cable should be really short.
When using WiFi I could get around 125Mbit/s (I have a 5GHz router but behind a wall).
Hopefully my findings will help many of you.
At least my son is very satisfied after he downloaded a game of 25GB in less than 10 minutes ( over 40MB/s).
Not only that I see this "theoretical" result in PS4 speed test, but the download speed is real, calculated by amount of GB transferred by time (and I get 40-50MB/s).
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