PS4 PS4 issues

Oct 23, 2021
I got a ‚new’ PS4 and everything seemed to be fine. However once i started using it I’m having issues with the controllers and it.

If I get it to turn on wirelessly, the controller will disconnect after about 10 minutes.

Then at other times the controllers won’t turn on the PS4 at all, wirelessly or wired.

If i fully reset the console, uplug it from power and replug it, it’ll work again for a bit.

Any ideas what’s causing this?
Is the PS4 new from a Game store or new to you (from a second hand/non game store)?
Are you using the official DS4 charging cable?
Does the DS4 charge? If not then try connecting to a power outlet rather than charging via thePS4.
Have you reset the DS4 via the little hole underneath the controller?

I would reset the PS4 & the controller, download the official PS4 software & manually install it.
If this doesn’t solve the problem then either the DS4 &/or the PS4 is faulty.
Its new to me, the previous owner restored the OS to new before giving it to me.

Yes the DS4's charge
Yes I have reset the DS4's with the button on the back.

When you say reset the PS4, meaning reinstall the OS?
There should be the option to restore the PS4 back to factory default. You should do this then reinstall the OS.
If none of these work then the PS4 or the DS4 is faulty. It may be that the Bluetooth function is failing in either or both devices.