PS4 issue Help


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Mar 2, 2024
PS4 owners - HELP!!

I was trying to delete my profile to sell and it said something like you have to initialise!!! It then ended up with a screen like this (see picture) it says plug the controller into USB and press the PlayStation button. Nothing happens when I do this. I use the connector on the front of the controller as in the picture and I have tried both controllers and about 6 different leads.

Using one controller no light comes on it, on the other one when it is plugged in the light on the controller goes orange then flashes blue but nothing happens when you press the PlayStation button or any button.

Any thoughts how I can get round this please. TIA
Are you using the genuine cable, third party charge n sync cable or a charge only cable?
Have you tried the pinhole reset on the controller?
Btw no picture has appeared.