PS4 games on different consoles using same account (PS4 ans PS5)


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Apr 13, 2024

I recently bought a PS5 and have give my PS4 to my son. He is using it with my account, and I also use it on my PS5. Since I have PS+ I want my son to be able to play free games.

I noticed that when my son play a PS4 game and I do also at the same time it disconnect one of us.

Is there a way to fix this, as to let both of us play PS4 games at the same time?

Is using family account would fix this?

Thx for your help 🤩
It's great that both you and your son are enjoying your PlayStation systems! Regarding your query about playing PS4 games simultaneously without getting disconnected, setting up a Family Account on your PlayStation could indeed solve this issue. By using the Family Account feature, you can designate your PS4 as your "primary" console, which allows other users on that console to enjoy the benefits of your PS Plus subscription, including playing games from your library.
Here’s how you can set it up:
  1. On your PS5, go to Settings > Users and Accounts.
  2. Select ‘Family and Parental Controls’, then go to ‘Family Management’.
  3. You can then add your son’s account as a member of your Family. Make sure that your PS4 is activated as your primary console for your account, which allows any game you’ve downloaded to be played by other users on the same console.
Just like planning a seamless balloons delivery for a party in New York, where every detail matters to ensure everyone enjoys the celebration, setting up your PlayStation accounts in a family group ensures that both you and your son can enjoy gaming without interruptions.
This should allow both of you to play simultaneously — one on the PS5 and the other on the PS4 — without getting disconnected. Enjoy your gaming sessions together!