PS4 PS4 Controllers wont connect


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Sep 12, 2022
Hi Folks wonder if you can help I havent used my playstation 4 for a while but I cannot connect either of my controllers to it even though they are charged. Ive followed various videos on youtube and other tips but nothing seems to work. Any advice you can give at all?
Do they work on other devices?
Do they work on another PS4?

It sounds like there was a system update and now you have to remove the controllers from the system and add them back.
You can do this on the ps4 app.

Also if you have connected to another device like a phone then you put these controllers into sync with that device. You can unsync it
by turning the controller off by holding the ps4 button for an extended amount of time. Then plugging it into the USB port of the PS4 and finally turning on your ps4.

Let me know if this helps.
Has anyone had any luck? we can't connect new or old controller, now in safe mode. Not sure how to get new controller on PS4capp either if anyone can help