PS4 PS4 Controllers absolutely refusing to connect to console. (KINDLY READ DESCRIPTION)


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Jan 25, 2024
Hello everyone,
I am writing this in a lot of stress after trying hundreds of thousands of tutorials on YouTube, asking for solutions on Reddit (which is my go-to place for any tech issue solution), unplugging the power cable, using all different USB cables, trying a different controller, resetting it, believe me, I've tried it all, and to no avail.

This did not happen randomly, and let me tell you how I got to this point.

These past few months my PS4 has been lying unused and I haven't been finding time to play games recently, usually playing on-and-off sometimes. Now that I do, I randomly boot up my PS4 one day just to find out that both my controllers aren't connecting, despite all of the methods tried. It is always just stuck on the "Welcome back to PlayStation, Please press the PS button on your controller to connect" screen, and the controller lights just flash blue. Nothing is happening. This is not normal for me.

Please help me find a solution to this problem. I've also tried troubleshooting and contacting Sony Support but their advice proved useless. Please help me.
Is there any solution to this without having to buy a controller?

Solutions would be appreciated.
Hi there and welcome!

Can we ask for a little more information to better understand the problem please?

Have you tried many differnt charging cables?

Have you reset consoles manually frrom the back ?

Have you tried your controllers on another console? or have you tried your console with new controllers? this helps us understand where the problem origin is.

Connect the controller via USB cable, see if you can use it with the cable, if you can; then go to accessory settings in the system settings, and change the connection method from wireless to wired, and back again, to see if this works.

let us know if this helps or if you can provide us the extra info please.