PS4 Controller Will not connect to the console..


New member
Feb 4, 2023
So I got my PS4 as a hand me down last year. Played with the controller on the console and as a bluetooth controller on my PC.
Switched back and forth just fine until one day it just stopped connecting to the console. It was just stuck on the "Welcome to Playstation 4" screen.
Couple months have passed and now it is stuck on an update screen.
I have tried every common method of rebooting, cycling, resetting and whatever else any youtube video or form usually tells you to do.
The controller still connects with bluetooth just fine to everything else, but since i don't have a second controller, I can't get access to my PS4.
Am I just screwed until I get a new controller or something? I don't think a new controller would fix it either to be honest.
Anyone have any idea what I could do?