PS4 PS4 controller only working on remote play


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Jan 23, 2021
PS4 turned on by itself -this has never happened before-, so I turn on the TV to see what's up and I'm greeted with the welcome screen asking me to press the PS button in the controller but controller is suddenly unresponsive when it was working fine the night before.

I left the controller plugged in during the night, if I unplug and plug back in the cable the light flashes orange once then goes back to dead.

Things I tried:
- Changing the charging cable.
- Holding down the controller's reset button for 10 seconds.
- Hold down the PS button and share at the same time. Light rapidly flashes white but that's about it.
- Turning off the console, unplugging for 3 minutes.
- Turning console into safe mode. Controller light goes solid white but it's still unresponsive.

Now I could get the controller to work just fine during remote play by plugging it in directly to my pc.
Does that mean is an issue with the console itself?
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