PS4 PS4 controller drift


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May 25, 2020
Hello, recently my controller right analog stick started drifting on its own during games, and it got really annoying. I read online that opening it up and cleaning the dust might help so I did that.
However I'm not currently at home, where I opened up my controller, so I tested it by connecting it to my phone and opening a web test page.
Here are the results, the default that I had was the -0.00392, and the max drift I got was the -0.05882. Now since I have no PS4 to test it, is this noticeable and annoying while playing?
I'm asking because there is a shop nearby but I'd really rather not going since usually I'll pay half the price of a new controller.

How could I go into the settings to see the control knobs on myself? It interested me a lot, and I did not know this option from Xbox - I play Path of Exile and I definitely need to buy a new coaster or reset the old one.
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Hey, first I fixed my controller by switching the x and y sensors of the analog sticks.
Second, the test that I posted is using my ps4 dualshock. I connected my ps4 via bluetooth to my phone and googled dualshock4 analog test