PS4 account hacked and banned


New member
Nov 26, 2020
My PS4 account was hacked and the hacker got it banned until Christmas by sending inappropriate messages to people. I know the ban can’t be lifted and that I have to wait but I have other questions and concerns. First off I saw that when an account gets banned all the data, saves and subscriptions are gone so will the PlayStation Plus subscription be auto-renewed from the added payment methods to the account? Also, before the hacker lost access to the account he added a 2 step verification process that I cannot get past. Is there a way for Sony to get past this once the account is unbanned? I’m also afraid that the hacker may have the serial number for the console the account was first created on and can access the account without the new email and password. Can Sony change the serial? Since the account is banned he can’t access it at this time but I’m afraid that once the account is unbanned and if he has the serial, then he can access it. Lastly, the new email that was set for the account is not mine and I do not have access to it. Can Sony change the email to one of my own without having to have access to the email that’s already in place? While I know the email and password for the account, I cannot get past the 2 step verification and the email used I cannot access and the person who owns it is not willing to give me the password for the email. I would like to talk to someone from Sony to discuss this and help me get my account back and make sure something like this never happens again.