PS2 Slim disc error


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May 31, 2023
Hi everyone, I found my PS2 Slim and tried using it.Everything works except it does not read the game.The setup menu loads just fine but when I browse for a disk they isn't one.The memory card loads just fine.I then re-inserted the disk and I can see at the bottom for a brief moment that it's reading the said game and it stops.The disk stops spinning few seconds after inserted.Tried placing it on the bottom and used 4 lb of weight on the box. Both fixes didn't work.Any suggestions that might help me ?
BTW I am trying to play old games which mean a lot to me sentimentally.
Have you tried a lot of different discs? Are there scratches on them?
I did try a bunch of them and still the same thing happens.Tried DVD movies even which I know worked before.But I know that it had happened before.I would just restart it a couple of times and play my games as usual.
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Another thing you can try is cleaning the DVD drive lens.