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Nov 21, 2020
Hello guys.So i have a very strange and weird problem and this is my final attempt to solve it.So I got back to the Arkham Games in my Ps3.I got all 3 of them and I love them.I dont plan to buy them on Ps4 because Origins is missing and i have the complete set so there is no reason for that.So I noticed that i can play as the joker in Arkham Asylum in Challenge Maps.The problem is that i have the european version of the game and that dlc is missing from the european ps store in years.It is there in the american and asian version but unfortunately they dont work with my version.Have tried about ten countries but i cant find a european version.Also the fact that I cant check ps3 games on store through my pc anymore makes this more difficult to search.I would appreciate very much if someone looks it up if they have a european account to find out if it exists in their country or if someone gameshares it to me as if you downloaded it back in the days you still have it (i have gameshared before in PS3 in the earlier days,not a scammer).Also any suggestions are welcome.Thanks in advance