PS PLUS options for Multi console home set-up


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Aug 3, 2023
Looking for a bit of PS Plus sharing advice here.

We have 2 x PS5s in our household, with 4 regular users (Me and my 3 children).
Playstation A (Digital) is set up as the Primary, so that me and my eldest use (age appropriate stuff)
Playstation B (Disc) is set up for me and all 3 children (for family games)

I currently have my PS Plus subscription running across both, so I can play online on either, but my kids can only go online on the primary console. Is this correct? Is there a way of sharing full PS Plus access across both consoles, or do I need to take out a seperate PS Plus subscription and run them both independently (i.e. stop the sharing).
Any help on this, would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know, you might need to use a separate PS Plus,
but I don't know, cause I only have 1 PlayStation Console
with PlayStation Network attached to it, & I don't have PS Plus...
For a multi-console home setup with PS Plus:

1. Use a single subscription for shared benefits.
2. Set up family sharing for multiple accounts.
3. Consider individual subscriptions for more flexibility.