PS4 Problem with controller


New member
Jun 12, 2023
I bought a brand new dualshock controller. I wanted some different bottons so i took it apart, replaced the L1, L2, R1, R2, dpad etc. with the new buttons i had, but now it wont connect to my ps4. I plugged it and it turned orange like its charging so ik it has power still. But when i press the ps button to connect it just flashed blue a few times but never connects. Brand new controller, litteraly right out of the box. I made sure i didnt break anything on the inside. Im so confused on why it wont connect. Please help
Have you tried resetting the controller? There is a hole in the back that allows you to reset by inserting something sharp like a paperclip.
No. Pressing and holding did nothing. Cable was the one it came with. :(
Did you purchase from a game store or from a third party site like eBay? If third party then the seller may have sent a third party cable.
The controller should work via cable automatically, does this happen?
If you click & hold the PS button & Share button does this start sync?
I got it off amazon. Third party seller but its a sony dualshock. Came in the same sony controller box youd buy at a store. Cord and all