Post Covid


Jun 21, 2020
The UK 🇬🇧
How long do we have to avoid being too close to each other for?

Will we ever get back to the old normal?

I'd like to know how we ever got through other pandemics in this world, I wonder if we destroyed our economy's and way of life then as well?
This is the first real pandemic that we've had in about a hundred years. The only other one is the flu, and we've learned to live with it and accept the annual death loss.

Unless we develop a real working vaccine, the only other choice we have is to accept it. Social activities will slowly return back to the way the used to be, but it will take a few years.

Of course, this is assuming that the fall/winter wave is not going to absolutely crush the medical infrastructure in most countries. We'll know by December...
A few more years of wearing masks and treating each other like lepers... And the disinfecting of everything we touch.

What a great life its going to be
Maybe not necessarily masks, but for example I am not so crazy about going to a club in a stuffy basement and dancing with random people anymore. I can't wait to go watch some live music at an outdoor venue though.