Please help recover our PlayStation account


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Apr 15, 2024
Hey all,

We are two brothers. Our issue is that our PlayStation account has been blocked as we entered the wrong password too many times when trying to log in for the first time on our new PS5. We were trying to migrate data from my old PS4 to the new PS5.

We were able to finally log in on the PlayStation app using the right password after remembering it but our account is now blocked after too many attempts.

We tried to recover the account but we don't remember the security question's answer and the date of birth we had given (email account used is my grandmother's and it's not accepting any of our known birthdays) so we have no way of recovering my account. It has so many games and saves that would be bad if we lose.

We mailed the Sony India Support Team and this is the reply they came up with -

Date of account creation
Date of birth registered with account
First and Last 4 digits of Credit card OR PayPal email address used on the account
Your Identity proof snapshot with date of birth mentioned clearly (Driving license/passport)
Last two transactions details
Snapshot of Model number and serial number of the PlayStation console
Contact number

Every single thing they require except for the snapshot of model and serial numbers and contact number literally needs me to be logged in to our account in the first place (Credit card used, last two transactions) and things like DOB are something we plainly don't remember and we would have been able to recover the account easily if we knew it without this hassle, lol. Why can't they just send a simple password reset link or an OTP to the mail ID to reset the password? Why did they make it this complicated.

We're really disappointed with the support experience from Sony. How would you all advise we proceed further?
They make it difficult so that unscrupulous people/hackers trying to log in to the account are blocked.
Even if you had the details Sony would require the driving license/passport of the person who’d birthday is registered. If you don’t have that the you’ll not recover the account.
Do you have many games on the console? If not then you may have to create a new account.