PS4 Please help me to make the best setup for my PS4 Pro


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May 15, 2023
Hi everyone!

I recently got the PS4 Pro and in order to enjoy its full potential I need some pieces of advice of how to make the best setup for it.

Here is my current setup.
PS4 Pro CUH-7000B
Replaced the original 1TB drive with the 2TB SSD
HDMI connection: Belkin Ultra HD 2.1 4K HDR compatible 48GbPS
LAN connection cable: DBillionDa High Speed Cat8
Boost mode: On
TV: 4K and HDR compatible and turned on, along with game mode and ALLM turned on as well.
PS4 Pro Video Output information:
Resolution 3840 x 2160 - 60 Hz, RGB, HDCP 2.3
KJH Multifunction stand for PS4 with 2 high speed fans and controller charging ports. Powered up by using the PS4 USB port.
This is my current setup. If there are even better options please let me know. Also, even though my LAN cable is good quality I'm only getting 7-8MBps of transfer speed between my PC and PS4. I have connected my lan cable directly with PS4 and PC. However, every time when I wish to transfer some files from my PC to PS4 the transfer speed cannot go more than 9MBps.
I tried few different software such as Winscp and Filezilla but it's the same. I even tried both the LAN and WiFi connection transfer but no change either. I checked few tutorials on the Internet but nothing worked to make it faster...

Thanks in advance!