PS5 Playstation Ripped me off and doesn’t care


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Jun 13, 2022
I logged into my account on PSN. I clicked Redeem Codes, redirected to payment area, Clicked Redeem Codes again, added codes. Couldn’t find funds after redeeming. Found PSN had seamlessly switched sessions to a totally different trash account I had made and it was almost impossible to tell because the username doesn’t appear without an extensive search. Called, told them what happened, they said impossible, offered to show them, they declined, said SOL, the funds would sit there unusable forever. Said it was user error, said I was wrong, said nothing can be done but give them another $60.
This was for Fortnite crew for 4 kids so can’t be gifted. Video of this happening.

Background, I can’t add funds directly to my wallet on PSN. Occasionally it allows me to add $5, but never $10 or $20. I have tried many times, support can’t help and blames me or my bank, my bank never sees the requests at all, it fails with Playstation. Because it works sometimes with $5 we all know the info is correct. Both App and website have the issue.

So I buy gift cards.

I went to redeem the cards on the website and clicked Redeem Code > Pop up: “ You will go to another page.” > click OK > seamless redirect to Playstation Store > Drop down Reedeem code

That all went smoothly. However when I went to help the kids buy their Fortnite Crew subscription there were no funds. I had been seamless transferred to another account’s session when I clicked “OK”. Who knows when that session was from. I only login to manage the kids accounts/money. The account it put the money in was an accidentally created account that we have on the same family plan but it isn’t used for anything. It was made setting up a playstation before I realized my Playstation Plus account was on a different email/account.
Even seeing the money wasn’t there it took me forever to figure out what happened because when it redirects there is NO username or email displayed anywhere until you find the settings menu>Account Information (which does not display username or email) and then happen to notice another hamburger menu in the corner of that page that finally takes you to identifying info.

This was NOT user error. Having session continuity when nothing pops up or challenges you is a reasonable assumption. The lack of visibility of account info is negligently bad.

My kids are disappointed and sad. I am not putting another $60 into this stupid thing.

Playstation refuses to help, suggested so harassing GameStop (sold the gift cards) despite this having nothing to do with them. Hung up on me.

I have a video because this is completely reproducible.
Screen Recording of Session switch
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