PS4 PlayStation idea!


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Apr 23, 2021

Thanks of it the Playstation console will not be anymore just an object, but it will live as a real living being!!!

It is about to make and invent an App on Ps4 and Ps5 that works like Tamagotchi? Yes, like it is " MY PS5 TAMAGOTCHY "
As if the PS5 became a being or a virtual animal (ICONIC) to take care of!
And that he interacts with us, and we with him! For example: When we play a video game, it is as if we play with him... He could compliment us when we perform correct and precise actions while we play or compliments when we get a trophy. He could give us game advice while we play, etc, etc ... He could support us when we ask for help in voice commands, or to do a search on internet for the solution of the game, etc, etc. In other words, we will no longer ask Ps5, but we will ask our "Ps5 Virtual Friend" This would be a winning idea, which would attract and make happy many children, teenagers, and also adults like us and would create new potential buyers, attracted by the idea and about our virtual friend to take care of!
For example, when the PS5 has a problem or an error, our virtual friend will indicate as if he is sick., etc etc.. Or our virtual friend, could give us some advice of his own volition, such as watching a movie together on Ps video, or maibe he wants to listen to music through Spotify, (so, thanks to this trick, it will increase the sales or subscriptions of the Ps video and / or Spotify) and at the same time we will make ourselves and our virtual friend happy , increasing its "Mood Points" Also, for each new game purchased, it is like we are doing a gift to our virtual animal. (Also increasing in this case, the sales of video games! ) People will almost make it sick, and spend money to make their "PS5 virtual pet" happy! Especially children and teenagers!!! In addition to being able to call up a screen, dedicated to your virtual companion., Where it functions as a real Tamagotchi! Where we can view the image of our friend while moves and devote time to him, playing simple minigames, dedicate to him... Plus caring andocleaning him, feed him, to increase his happiness and mood, etc.. Also we could continue to interact with them on the mobile through the Ps App, when for example Ps5 is turned off or we are not at home., and identically, he could do with us, both on Ps5 and on mobile., sending notifications when he needs something! In case of our friend's low mood, because we didn't care too much, he would no longer interact with us, not giving us advice and any compliments in our favor, etc, etc, Things don't end here, this would be just a taste, I have many other ideas about ours "Ps5 tamagotchi" which it could do improving the app and features over time... You could create and invent everything, but writing it is too long and complicated to explain... It will be an app and technology that will have to grow and improve over time, because it will have to act as a true friend! Will have also to recognize our favorite games, our difficulty level and if necessary ask us which level we prefer, etc etc. Knowing our favorite game genres, and notify us (by appearing with an animated icon) that there are discounted games that might be right for us... or if we have forgotten to redeem the free games on the PS plus, etc, etc. Or If we haven't played PS5 for a long time, it might get angry and sad, and it might remind us to go back to play or use the PS5! Or when we have a birthday, let us know and give us a wagging of his tail for the good wishes!
Another example, If the ps5 gets too hot and the fans are spinning very hard and it is too hot, our virtual friend could tell us that he has a fever or it is sick!!! And in addition we will be able to socialize our console puppy with other Ps5 of our friends! In addition, find him face to face on Virtual Reality, or augmented reality, where we can caress him or interact through the move and the camera.. (This would also help the sales of the VR and PS CAMERA) because everyone would become attached to their Ps5 Living being or Iconic Animal! In a nutshell he will be our helper, advisor and company... ❤❤❤ In order to use extra features for our virtual pet, everything must be connected to the PS plus, which would further push sales and make Ps plus more sense.
Ps5 owners, will no longer see the console as an object, but will learn to see it as a living being, to interact with and care for! All this by implementing a simple App directly on Ps5 and also on the mobile phone. I am writing this on all Sony Playstation contacts as Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc. Hoping someone will listen to me and read my comment. Hope you ll consider my idea, that if used well and better, it will give a big profits!