PS4 Playstation 4 Controller d-pad issues


New member
May 15, 2021
Hello all,

I'm having difficulties with my PS4 controller's d-pad, in particular the down button on the d-pad. I don't want to go through the repair process because I'll be without a controller for weeks, which is just not acceptable to me. It's worth noting I'm playing on PC, but I've confirmed it's a hardware issue.

So here's the problem, the d-pad works fine, and then I'll play Rocket League. Part way through playing Rocket League something happens and the d-pad just stops responding. The only thing I use the d-pad for in Rocket League is navigating the menus. Now when it breaks in Rocket League it then breaks everywhere. If I load up another game it won't respond, and it doesn't respond in controller configuration on things like Steam's controller support.

If I take the controller apart and put it back together again it starts working again... until I play Rocket League. For some reason it's only when I play that game that issues are caused. I don't know what I'm doing differently with the controller when I play it, but something is breaking my controller.

I've tried numerous fixes, I've rotated the plastic d-pad buttons, I've rotated the rubber behind the buttons (thinking if either was at fault it would be a different button that would stop working), and in both cases it is still always the down button. This makes me think it's the thin plastic board thing with the graphite sensors that are faulty. I've tried the graphite pencil fix, but that's made no difference.

Any and all assistance is appareciated, or if you know a better place to get some support on this matter that would be appreciated as well. It's also worth noting I've had the controller roughly 6 months without issue, it only recently started behaving this way.