Playstation 3-PSN QR code


New member
Oct 9, 2023
Why did Playstation inplement a QR code when trying to log into a account on PS3? Last time i played "aprox." 3 years ago there was no such thing..i simply signed in had the password typed and remembered but now i lost all of my SAVED passwords for 4 major accounts i had on the PS3. Literally at this point i got news my accounts are lost and i should make a new one.... I SPENT YEARS GRINDING ON THOSE ACCOUNTS, and now i get told "suck it up sweetcake and make a new account" as if its nothing much...maybe not to you or them but to means something, its my progress which i made during the hardest times of my life...PSN SUPPORT IS USELESS. I made the accounts when i was 11-14 years old and there is no way in hell i can remember the security questions i made 10years ago....

How can i give you information when i have ZERO recolection of the questions and answers...i simply answered them as fast as i could so i could play...and since all games i got at that age were all on CD's