PS4 Passcode entry to ps4-System with no connected controller?


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Feb 13, 2022
My DualShock went haywire so i went on to "forget unit" and then turned of my ps4. Now i have bought a new controller and i'm trying to log on but i have an passcode protection to log on to ps4-system and therefor i'm unable to connect new controller?! Passcode is also preventing me to use the remote play ap aswell as the second screen because ps4 is not online!?

I have spent hours reading and searching the internet! Is it possible to do anything about it without me dialing the number to the ps support?!
Is the cable the genuine PS one which usually comes with the PS or a third party? Often third party cables can charge but not sync/register the device. You need one which is licensed by Sony/PlayStation compatible If so.
It's a genuine ps4-cable (expensive aswell!) bought at the same time as new controller.
Do you have a USB keyboard which you could connect to the PS4?
What happens if you connect via cable then click the PS button?
No keyboard. Nothing happens, or rather the controller blinks with white light a couple of times but nothing else?!
I think i can? I's there anything else to it? Do i need a program, ap of sorts to use the keyboard?
The suggestion is to connect the keyboard to the PS4 via USB then it should ask which account will be using it, this should allow you to enter the PIN if it works according to the site I read this on.
I got hold of a friend with a usb-keyboard. I will be on it as soon as i have it! Got to go and retrive it thou! Thanks a million for the help! ;)