PS4 Our relationship is over. This isn't right.


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Sep 27, 2023
So after my ps4 got bricked from the latest update, which Don't isn't going to admit to or pay for, I decided find out what the guts looked like. My findings: Seems they are following suit with MS making sure consumers receive products that are meant to break so we are forced to upgrade. A 120lb air compressor wasn't able to get this nasty shit from the middle of the console. Seriously wtf Sony? After seeing this I would like all of my money back. Literally all of it. Over $5000 in digital games and content that I now can't play or use seeing how "backwards compatibility" will never truly happen. 30 years I have spent with Sony. No way in hell will I purchase another product from you unless the bullshit stops. Meaning full and complete backward compatibility. Every digital item purchased through PSN should be available from PS to PS5. We should not have to pay for items multiple times to fulfill your greed. Thinking of playing games on the OG PS is now painful. Straight up, thanks for destroying my memories. I won't be able to reminisce with friends anymore. Oh and not to mention I just spent a nice chunk off money on games I'll never get to play. Glad I didn't pay for a year of PS Plus. Only got robbed of 3 months luckily. I'm so disgusted with this. In my 37 yrs I've never wanted to sure anyone until now. So lucky I can't prove the latest update was put out with the intention of bricking consoles to force upgrading. I'm not stupid.i know that's how it is. My gut is never wrong. You're stealing from us to line your pockets with worthless paper. Pathetic. Might as well stop competing with MS and merge since you've become the same. The disappointment I feel is actually devastating and making me sick to my stomach. This is just terrible. Hope you feel good about yourselves.
We’re just fellow players here so Sony won’t read your complaint. You should contact Sony directly on this via the links on their website.
As for the dust to me it looks like rust, has the PS4 been near a damp environment?
Have you tried a stiff bristled brush & isopropyl alcohol to try & clean it?
I've been posting this all over. When i updated it bricked. Thats why I took it apart. I've had it cleaned numerous times since i got it. All the dust and dirt just piled in the middle. It still ran until the update
Fair enough, hopefully Sony will see the post somewhere.
Does the PS4 turn on?
If yes have you reinstalled the os software via USB?
Have you checked online for solutions?
If not:
There was a problem with ver 9.0 bricking consoles but those are dated 2021.
So after my ps4 got bricked from the latest update, I decided find out what the guts looked like.
My findings: Seems they are following suit with MS making sure consumers receive products
that are meant to break so we are forced to upgrade.

1st.) You clearly are missing the bigger picture here, your being pushed into a corner wall with no way out,
that is what the Industry is doing to you, it's doing it with everyone, & Sony isn't the only Company doing it...

2nd.) Your being forced to accept this being the Future, any attempt to run away & boycott the Comany
is just leading the end of the Gaming Industry to collapse on it's self...

3rd.) PlayStation 5 isn't the 1st Generation to start doing this, the PlayStation 4 was also doing this...
As a matter of fact things were to be expected durring the PlayStation 3 Generation going forwards...
People suspected it all the way back on the PS3, that something wasn't right about Sony lately...

When the PlayStation 4 came out, everything you expected wrong with Sony was coming true,
they lied about PlayStation Plus being marketed to save PlayStation like X-Box Live saved X-Box,
they lied about that, & used it to trick People into Subscribing & throwing money at Sony, &
one of the ways to get People hooked on it, was when they offered Free Plus to everyone on
PlayStation 3, right before the PlayStation 4 came out, it only lasted a month, or 3 months, or whatever,
but the whole idea was Sony was trying to trap People into something that would later become
far worst, as Video Games stopped being less Customer oriented, Games started being less appealing,
then PlayStation 5 came out, & with the PlayStation 5 Sony is destroying it's own Image, & every bit
of what makes Video Games popular...

As I said before, Sony is not the only Company doing this, as a matter of fact a Computer Company
on the PC called Valve has a Steam Platform, & they used to have the Number #1 Platform on PC,
but Today their Platform is full of Bugs, Games don't work right, & many other problems are surfacing...

I mean you take your pick with Companies, every Company has it's own set of problems...

EPIC Games & GOG (Good Old Games) have been trying to protect the integrity of Gaming,
they are basically the only ones, especially GOG, & the problem with them is that Companies
are refusing to launch their Games on these Platforms, so EPIC Games is trying to force them
to support these Platforms, while GOG is not forcing anything... & this worked pretty well
for a while on EPIC Games, but now even EPIC Games, not just GOG, both of them are struggling
with money problems... This is bad for the future of Gaming...

However, there is a little bit of light at the tunnel, not a lot, but a little...

You see, old Games were not ruined by this on Consoles, as a matter of fact,
Gaming all the way back to Nintendo Days, & all the way up to PlayStation 3 Days
so far has been entirely Untouched by this...

Now why is that important?

Because many PlayStation 3 Games don't require Internet, &
Games aren't required to Install on the Storage Media, &
Many Games don't require any form of Update to run them,
the ones that do can be done right now...

PlayStation 2 & earlier Consoles before it? Don't even utilize the Hard Drive,
so it's even easier to protect these Games from ever having problems...

As for Computers? Taking entire Gaming Libraries Offline before you can no longer do so,
is really the only thing we can do to protect them from a Gaming Collapse...

So at most here? The only Gaming Generation that is being ruined by this,
is the Gaming Generation that started this bull crap...

That is the good News... So far, at least...

The problem is, no one really knows how long that could last...

Computers also have Linux, which is still a very safe place to run a Computer,
soooo at the very bit here, we have some hope...
It sounds like you're expressing some dissatisfaction or frustration with your PS4 or the gaming experience it provides. If you're facing issues or have concerns, it might be a good idea to explore them further, seek solutions, or consider if it's time for an upgrade to a newer gaming console or platform that better aligns with your needs and preferences. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and it's important to have a gaming experience that brings you enjoyment and satisfaction.