Optimal Settings / Config for PS Portal on Deco Mesh Network


New member
Feb 1, 2024
I recently bought the Playstation Portal, a handheld accessory which receives a video stream of a game playing on the PS5. There is no official settings or mapping coming out of Sony, and broadly online the only consistent advice online it to have you PS5 wired / backhauled into one of the nodes to get the best streaming performance to the Portal, which I do. My experience has been all over the place, unplayable to flawless.

I'm hoping that this forum can suggest or offer some settings that may more make these two devices more directly interact, or prioritize the communication traffic between them. I'm assuming that there are other types of devices where they communicate directly on a shared closed network - perhaps you can point me to some of those setups and configurations for me to experiment with.

The primary usecase is being on the same network with both devices. The edgecase would be to portal in to the PS5 from outside my network. If the second usecase is a can of worms, let's not even worry about it. I'm on a TP-Link Deco Mesh Network.

Appreciate any advice in advance.