PS4 Odd stuff with 2 PS4 consoles


New member
Dec 10, 2020
Hello. Hope someone here can help, cos it seems to have stumped the PlayStation helpline.

I have two PS4 consoles. One in England, one in Scotland. When I log on to the one in England, I see all the games I downloaded onto that console. When I log on in Scotland, I only see the ones I downloaded there. I only have one account.

PS support discovered a couple of things. First of all, the PS4 in Scotland isn't registered to my account at all. Secondly, the download of Fallout 4 I did today from PSNow - in Scotland - was listed as being downloaded on my PS3. My PS3 has been broken, and not switched on, for months.

I was told to rebuild the database on my Scottish console, which I did, and it made no difference.

All I want is to be able to play all my games on both consoles. Anyone got any ideas?