PS5 Not doing a good enough job manufacturing these ps5 consoles and controllers sometimes some games are freezing while playing!


New member
Aug 11, 2023
The fan connection plug in needs to be done better it is able to be easily broken off the motherboard it’s not seeming to be designed good enough it should not be so difficult to be able to pull the connection out where it plugs in! Y’all need to find a way to re design this so this problem doesn’t keep happening in the future the connection should have a concealed connection around it so we it can’t at all just be pulled right out of the motherboard! The newer ideas for the newer models of the ps5 should’ve already had this implemented for better and stronger longer lasting consoles! There’s got to be a way to make the connection stronger to the motherboard at least because the first time I tried to unplug mine it was super tight in there which is good but also bad because it was too tight to be able to just easily pull out with the tweezer pliers tool that I used that’s made for this and I even wiggled at it and it was still just a pain and hassle to get pulled out it ended up breaking off later trying to get it unplugged from the connection! The whole console was pretty super tight a lot of screws weren’t easy to get out and the plates were super tight too and sealed hard! The little Liquid Metal wasn’t looking horrible it wasn’t all over the place but also was in a smaller glob there probably could’ve been a better job done to make it the way it should still be so I don’t start having issues with that too! The controller I got isn’t perfect the square button started sticking already and that sucks too! So there needs to be better work done so that doesn’t already start happening!