PS4 NOOB ? Re: Multiplayer or play together....


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Nov 4, 2020
Okay. I have two sons, bought them a PS4Pro, (3) Dual Shock 4 wireless controllers, (2) Play Station Gold headsets, Play Station Plus and that other card you can buy at Target (but can't seem to find now). The boys also have a PS4 at their mothers house with a general family login So when I bought one, we made up a separate and different general family login/account and the boys created sub/individual accounts. They typically play Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Madden, The Show, Fortnite, Among Us, and Fall Guys. They fight constantly about what game they're going to play, who's first, who's load out is who's, who's friends can play, what friends can play, who's load out is who's, blah blah blah. So here's what I need help with:

  1. They usually will only play one game title per session because they say if the next person chooses a new game, it takes forever to load up and start (5-8 mins, and I don't know if those times are accurate). So (a) Is there any way to speed up the initial playing of a game title? Shouldn't that part be saved to hard drive and fly through it? Almost like a pc starting up? Or is there a way to not end it and go to another title but pause it, save to HD, and then go to another game title?
  2. They have figured out how to invite friends to play Fortnite, call of duty, etc., but they haven't figured out how to play each other. So, (a) how can they play Call of Duty or Madden 20 on the same TV and the same PS4? (b) How can they play each other when one is on PS4 and the other is on PC? Do I need to buy another copy of let's say COD for the pc? I seem to remember sitting on the couch with my friend and both of us were playing against each other (I know it was on one RV and I think I remember it being both split screen and just one big screen but that was maybe when you played each other but took turns).

Thank you for your help. And who knows, maybe you'll save a life, because it's either gonna kill me from a heart attack from all the arguing or I'm going to strangle them both!