PS4 None of my games work!


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Oct 28, 2020
ALL of my PS4 games just stopped working, can anybody help?

When I try and start ANY game on my PS4 it does not load. The game will attempt to load and I will get the relevant load screen but then it either just hangs indefinitely(with no error) or I get a generic error code (CE-34878-0)
The fault is with both digital or physical (disc) games. I have also tested network and solo player games
I have:
tested with games stored on the system storage drive and the extended usb drive.
checked for any updates.
restarted the PS4
removed the extended storage
uninstalled and reinstalled games
signed out and back into my PSN account
reactivated licences from the system menu
rebuilt the database in safe mode
I have also completed option 7 in safe mode (initialze PS4 - reinstall system Software)

None of these things have resolved the issue.

I have contacted Playstation support however so far the help hasn't been great as they keep sending me the same list of things to try.

The PS4 is fully functional other than games (menu items work, DVDs play etc) and the issue occured not long after the latest firmware 8.0 installed but can't see any way to roll back.

Any ideas would be appreciated.