PS5 Newest PS5 update SCAM


New member
Jan 31, 2023
Sorry, but I'm DONE with Sony. I did the most recent update on my PS5, and now it's useless. My PS5 wouldn't fully update, so it's stuck in the previous firmware and stuck in Safe mode. When customer support had me factory reset the PS5 to get back to the main playstation home screen, I can't buy or play games now until I sign into playstation network. However, I CANT sign into the network until I have the most recent update. The only way I can solve my problem is if Sony releases the PREVIOUS firmware update so I can choose option 7 in Safe mode and reinstall system software. Playstation refuses to release the previous firmware. I tried updating via internet, tried updating manually with USB stick, tried reinstalling software (option 7) with the newest firmware, still won't work. When I select option 7 it says I need to use the 22.0- or whatever the LAST firmware was. The shitty thing is that Playstation wants me to pay $250 to send them my PS5 (that was working PERFECTLY FINE before the update). So Sonys update f*d my PS5 and now they want ME to pay for it? F* no, and I've read TONS of people with the same situation. This is a SCAM, and a class action lawsuit is on the way. F* you SONY