New PS5 games seem to be stuck installing.


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Oct 22, 2023
Hi.. Just got my PS5 and I hooked a 4 TB external drive to it..

In my settings I have it set to install PS4 games on the external drive..

My internet connection is very fast.. (WiFi)

I am a Plus Member

I selected a mixture of about 30 games to install. 20 of them PS4 games and 10 PS5 games..

Games were installing (Both PS4 and PS5) games. But now for the last 2 days, nothing has finished installing..

When I go to Setting>Storage and look, they all show installing but its like nothing is going on..

I have left my PS5 and External Drive on this whole time

Could something be wrong? Should I have not selected these many games to be installed at one time..

Or could it take days to install all these?

I am not sure what to do..

I just shut everything down for 5 min and then started everything back up and games look to be installing now. Strange.
Sometimes when installing multiple games the download can freeze. I was going to ask whether you’ve used the drive previously or whether you’ve just purchased it. If just bought did you buy from a reputable seller/store? There’s too many fake drives these days.
Well, I got it off of Amazon. So far it seems OK. It came with a two-year warranty. I figure it’s made in China like most of them are lol. I have noticed something just a while ago. All the games show installing but they’re not installing. I have to go into them each one and manually start it and then it starts installing. Kind of a pain but less now at least now they’re installing. I won’t download this mini games ever again.
Does the install complete if you manually start the download/install?
You may be able to connect the drive to a pc & use this utility to check to see if it is genuine:
Hi. Yes, I got this resolved. What happened is my PlayStation went into rest mode and all the games were paused. So when I started my PlayStation up the next morning, all the games were still paused and not downloading. I had to go in and manually unpause them. Now everything’s installed. I don’t know why my PlayStation is going into rest mode. I have it set to never go into rest mode, but it still goes in the rest mode like after four or five hours.
Yeah, I did double check it. And it’s still set to never rest. I was wondering if maybe the PlayStation if it reaches a certain heat level it goes into rest mode automatically on its own. Just a theory.