New On Playstation Banner+Perpetual Loading?


New member
Nov 25, 2023
Hi. Sorry. I'm new here. I haven't used forums past flight rising or other games akin to that since I was a kid. But I'm desperate for help right now, and I've got two issues. I'll start with the worst one first.

The other day, my ps4 stopped loading video streaming apps. It'll show most of them in "featured apps", but if I look down at recently apps, it'll only have two--ones I haven't touched in ages. And trying to open any of these apps, even the "recent" ones, will get it stuck on an eternal loading screen until I hit the circle button. I'll turn the PS4 on and off for 20min and then it *might* load the apps up. Once my recent app tray is full of, well, what actually are my recent apps, it'll then let me open any of them. I'm not sure if this is happening anywhere else on the system, but at the moment, it's contained to the video streaming section.

The second issue is... Something that's more of a minor annoyance. It's constantly, literally every time, when I look at the video streaming app section, telling me that "New On PlayStation! Netflix will start giving you personal recs". I find it extra funny because the recs aren't even personal, it's just trending. And I don't even have Netflix at the moment.

Has anyone else had either of these issues? I've tried uninstalling apps, reinstalling them, restarting, turning the system off and unplugging it, etc.