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Jun 16, 2024
Hey folks from County Cork Ireland, been a gaming nutcase since as long as i can remember, (played World of Warcraft for years) and still enjoy it now on PS4 although I'm a retired Paramedic with 22 years of front line duties, the wife still plays stuff like Tomb Raider , I'm now 65 yo and 66 in August, (yeah I shouldn't be doing this at my age eh ? 😆 ) I love the open world games with plenty of room to roam about with plenty of shooting and loads of different weapons etc, I finished Red Dead Redemption 2, ( almost lost it when Arthur died ) most Uncharted games and several others, Mafia 3 arriving tomorrow Amazon van automatically stops outside our place these days, recently got my first wireless controller, had a few problems getting it set up but all sorted now, up and running fine. However, ran into a problem last night when the controller ran out of charge mid game saying controller disconnected, please plug in your PS4 controller, I was just about to save a game and it wouldn't let me click the OK button, so a quick question from an old fart,

1. can you carry on playing whilst charging ?
2. If i get a second controller and keep it fully charged can i swap controllers mid game to avoid last nights disaster and if so how ?
3. can i carry on with the old wired controller ?

Any other info will be much appreciated, please help the elderly !!! 🤣🤣🤣
Hello & welcome @Murph, I’m (soon to be) 58 so us older gamers are around.
On occasion I have played my PS5 whist charging, I then purchased another controller & a dual charger so I can charge one while using the other.
I have swapped controller mid-game with the wireless controller so would expect the wired to be the same. You could always test this after saving in an game to see what happens.